Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meet Up and Speak!

I gave a talk earlier today.

It was presented to the Charlotte Entrepreneurs Organization, one of a multitude of MeetUp groups across the area. Search results - Meetup.com MeetUp, if you're not already familiar with the concept, brings "affinity" or like-minded folks together in groups of mutual interest.

Welcome to the crisp, Fall-is-already-in-the-air edition of Not Your Usual Marketing tips from JDK Marketing Communications Management.

For example, the group I spoke to today comprises, as the name would imply, individuals in business for themselves seeking networking, educational and fraternal opportunities among primarily the self-employed.

This edition of NYUMT bridges two "disciplines" I wanted to address:

1. The merits of joining organizations to further your networking opportunities (especially those that cater to your own personal or professional interests). For instance, I belong to two MeetUp groups in addition to the Charlotte Entrepreneurs Organization -- the Jewish Community Business Circle of Charlotte, ostensibly for my marketing business; and the Charlotte Wedding and Event Planners Group, primarily for my caricature business. Click here: Caricatures By Joel

2. The merits of speaking before these, or any groups. Look, let's face it, the advent of first the Internet and now social networking has given us all a certain "entitlement" (in the good sense) that encourages self expression without the automatically perceived need to locate an "expert" outside the ranks. And/or one that necessitates paying a fee for that expertise.

Each one of us has something of value to share with others. My buddy and colleague Ira Bass, of IB Media -- Click here: Media planning and buying -- currently gives a terrific talk to various groups on LinkedIn. He's not hired by LinkedIn, nor is he some techno-geek. He does it of his own volition. He simply knows his stuff on the subject and relates better to his audience because he's just another "schlub" (I use the Yiddish term affectionately) like you or me. But in getting out there "on the stump," people get to know Ira for his "real" work...

While public speaking has been famously listed right up there with death as among the most feared of human experiences (my own list would include being forced to watch more than 30 seconds of "The View"), nevertheless the opportunity to speak should be embraced as another critical component of one's marketing mix.

My talk earlier today went well. (Thanks for asking...) I actually lifted a couple of previous NYUMT's; a legitimate way to "recycle" and refresh your marketing message is to take from one of your previous writings, newsletters, blogs, etc.

In the meantime, look for us the first Tuesday of next month for another soapbox-standing verbal oration from Not Your Usual Marketing Tips.