Monday, November 30, 2009

You Da Maven

I've had some HARO-wing moments in recent days. And the person responsible is Don Rosenberg.

(Okay, enough with the feeble attempt at melodramatic humor...)

What I'm talking about is a unique PR program that anybody can use and anybody can benefit from.

Welcome to the Winter Solstice edition of Not Your Usual Marketing Tips from JDK Marketing Communications Management.

Don, of Instant Organic Garden fame -- -- clued me in on something he's been using himself to help promote his business.

HARO stands for "Help A Reporter Out" --

Having been a Journalism major, that name, and its purpose, resonates with me as I harken back to my campus newspaper writer/editor days. I also think it's just cool sounding.

It's a two-platformed program that bridges the distance between source and resource. On one side, reporters/writers/authors/bloggers/TV/radio (terrestrial and Internet) folk sign on to send out mass queries to online subscribers to help gather information for their respective articles, projects, media shows, et al.

On the other side, one can sign up and receive all these queries...and then determine if there's any fit for themself as the source for the query.

For example, if I sign on as someone writing a monthly newsletter -- ahem, such as I do -- and am looking for information on the role of caricature art in marketing as my next subject, I'll send out my query to that effect, in broadcast fashion, with a description of my subject and return contact info on myself.

If on the other hand, I sign up to be on the receiving side and I see this query, I may answer it in the hopes that the writer will want to quote me or whatever on my capabilities and thoughts as a caricature artist.

In Don's case, he's been sending out queries to gather information for a book he's writing. Acknowledgment to and identification of his selected sources will surely find their way into the pages of his tome.

Frankly, the way I've been using HARO is as a PR "tool" to let clients and colleagues know of possible opportunities for them to be interviewed through media outlets they might not have had access to otherwise.

If their response is accepted, that's good PR for them...good value-added from me.

I recommend signing up with HARO. It's free and it's kind of fun to see all of the intriguing subjects being covered out there in both the atmo- and blogospheres. Maybe you'll get to appear on the Tyra Banks show (one of the actual media outlets listed).

In the meantime, look for this cyber vehicle the first Tuesday of the New Year with a new "broadcast" of Not Your Usual Marketing Tips.

And Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Joel Kweskin

Monday, November 2, 2009

Radio Free Charlotte

Don Crosby wants to introduce you to yourself.

And then appear on his radio show to talk about it.

He'll even grant you time to promote your business.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me and for anyone looking to tout their business.

Welcome to the turkey month edition of Not Your Usual Marketing Tips from JDK Marketing Communications Management.

Don, through the auspices of Global Behavior -- -- a licensing, consulting and training company, offers unique behavioral assessment tools which help businesses improve morale, identify accurate motivators, improve communications and save large amounts of loss profits by providing an accurate understanding of their people. His clients say it's right on the money.

"I apply this assessment tool," Don says, "which introduces people I've never met to themselves and to their families and our radio community. It's interesting, thought provoking talk radio. Perfect for anyone and everyone… business people or singles, couples, and families and simply for anyone who is interested in having a deeper understanding of themselves. It's safe and enjoyable."

What I like about Don's deal, frankly, is the gracious and generous opportunity he provides to not only have a little fun exploring our inner selves -- and let's face it, the better we understand ourselves, the better we can relate to others...including clients, colleagues and even family and friends -- but to also grab the mike and do a little self promoting.

Don's show is broadcast on Charlotte radio station WAVO, 1150 AM, Saturdays 12 noon to 1:00 PM. Go to and click on “Sign Up For the Show.” Based on a first come, first serve basis, potential guests will be emailed a "ProScan" behavioral survey that takes just a few minutes to complete. Once approved upon review, a date and time will be scheduled for an appearance on the show.

Hey, part of the marketing "mix" we promote to advance one's often does one get the chance to state our case on radio? Check it out.

And, BTW -- in the texting parlance of my kids -- if you know of any corporate interest in Don's show, he tells me advertising sponsors are more than welcome.

In the meantime, look for us the first Tuesday of next month, when Not Your Usual Marketing Tips will once again be on the air. Or at least on your computer screen...

Unabashed Plugs Dept.: Through the publicity efforts of JDK Marketing Communications Management, a couple of my clients made "the big time" recently.

Angie Lucas got some buzz for her new online "make your own" cupcakes business, on WBTV:

And from The Business Journal a couple of weeks back -- Savannah Shaw, Etiquette and Protocol Consultant, was featured on their Entrepreneurs page.

Joel Kweskin