Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Facebook Fenomenon

Well, it didn't win Best Picture, or Best Actor or Best Director, but "The Social Network" certainly made its presence felt at the Academy Awards Sunday night earning three other Oscars, including Best Adapted Screenplay. More than anything else, though, it was the subject matter itself -- Facebook -- that will likely resonate long after "The King's Speech" has run its course in our collective conscience...notwithstanding the upcoming nuptials of Kate and William.

And that's because the latter is a fairy tale kingdom curiosity, while the former is virtually (and...virtually) part of our everyday lives.

Welcome to the Ide(a)s of March issue of Not Your Usual Marketing tips from JDK Marketing Communications Management.

Facebook can be intoxicating, it can be exasperating, it can be enlightening, it can be depressing, it can be educational, and many hope it can be a boon to their business. Personally speaking, notwithstanding a project here or there that sprang onto my "wall," the jury is still out on the sustained efficacy of that perceived capability.

But at least in the case of one pundit out in the blogosphere, you better be there...or be square.

In One Social Media -- http://www.onesocialmedia.com/blog/ -- author Mike Bal opines on What Happens When You Don't Use Facebook?

"We talk to a lot of people who don’t think Facebook is necessary for their brand or company. What they don’t realize is that millions of people have come to rely on Facebook as their primary form of interaction with companies, brands, and people.

"What happens when someone can’t find you on Facebook? They give up and look for someone or something else to replace you. The hardest thing to do as a brand is to get people to trust you. Facebook makes taking that step a little easier for the customer. They can start by clicking the 'Like' button. From there they can interact with you and your page all the while developing a better relationship with your brand.

"Marketers have spent years trying to find the perfect customer. A customer who wants to hear what you have to say and who will spread the gospel of their favorite brand. Facebook offers a way for those customers or fans to find you and we would recommend taking advantage of it.

"Having a presence on Facebook doesn’t mean you are getting anything out of it. You have to be willing to maximize your efforts by creating strategies that get your customers and “fans” involved. By being valuable to those who choose to follow you, learn from you, be entertained by and informed by you.

"How are you being valuable to your customer base?"


Like one point seven bajillion other people, I'm on Facebook. But, with pretty much strictly a business development intent, I'm still poking my stick out there to see how truly fertile this virtual landscape can be.

In the meantime, look for us the first Tuesday of next month for another red carpet treatment of Not Your Usual Marketing Tips.

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