Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cool Stuff

My wife and I were in Denver, Col., helping our son furnish his new apartment as he awaited the beginning of grad school at the University of Denver. Craving ice cream one evening, we sauntered into a 1950s retro place called “Gunther Toody’s” (named for a character in the old sitcom “Car 54, Where Are You?”…though I could swear that show didn’t air until the early ‘60s. Anyway, I digress…).

Marketing, as it were, to the nostalgia buffs among us from the get-go, there was one moment in particular that literally turned our heads…

Welcome to another edition of Not Your Usual Marketing Tips from JDK Marketing Communications Management.

When I asked to see the menu for the ice cream desserts, the waitress pointed instead to a curiously familiar item on the table. It was an old, red View Master. Remember those…the binocular-like housing with the circular array of tiny picture slides mounted partially on top? I looked through the viewers and immediately saw – in “3-D” yet! – an inviting thick chocolate shake with Reese’s pieces in it. I flipped the outside lever and another 3-D image came on, of a raspberry-flavored, vanilla-based shake. I delightedly continued to flip the lever for tantalizing pictures of more and more tasty treats…

I mean, how cool was that?

I’d love the opportunity to steal that idea some day and use it for a presentation either for my own marketing communications services, or the products of a “visionary” client.

What have you done lately to make your presentation, your product, your image “cool?” Or, at the least, something memorable, something unique, something for others to talk about?

Hey, I’m game if you are.

Joel Kweskin

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