Monday, November 26, 2007

Keyword Research

Esther Kane is a long-time friend, colleague and principal behind Eckweb Designs, Inc. (, offering website design, website maintenance and website marketing services. So she’s got some authoritative say on pretty much all things website. Her “mantra” though is not so much on graphic approach as it is on the verbal. More function than form, if you will. So I posed the question, just what is this Keyword Research thing, anyway?

Welcome to another edition of Not Your Usual Marketing Tips from JDK Marketing Communications Management.

Esther’s take on the subject:

"Keyword Research is the art of finding keyword phrases that are relevant to a subject matter. These keyword phrases must possess two qualifications. One, the keyword phrase must be popular. Two, the keyword phrase must have little Internet competition.

"Let’s take a family attorney who provides a variety of services. One of which is estate planning.”In my research, I found the phrase "difference between wills living trusts". My research revealed that this phrase is estimated to be typed in 57 times per day and Google showed only 2 websites competing for this phrase. Easily, a page could be created answering the question, "What is the difference between wills and living trusts?" This page could be added to the website and of course, bring in the additional traffic and potential clients.

"Even if you've already got a website, wouldn't it be great to know what Internet users are already searching for and then reworking your site to meet those searches? Instead of the usual, 'about us' and 'our services,' etc., wouldn't it be better for your bottom line if you could address the needs of the Internet customers?

"The reality is, business websites are great…IF they bring in business. If your website brings in business, wouldn't customers and prospects keep coming back to you for updated data? I think so. Well, I know so!

"Here are some other examples for you (based on actual clients)...

"If you're creating a website for a massage therapist - make sure to use the phrase:"prenatal pregnancy massage therapy." Estimate count is 174 times per day with only 6 sites in competition!

"If you're creating a website for a Christian school - make sure to use the phrase:"Christian art courses." Estimate count is 97 times per day with only 3 sites in competition!

"If you're creating a website for a South Florida realtor - make sure to use the phrase: 'luxury South Florida residences." Estimate count is 123 times per day with only 13 sites in competition!'

"Get the idea? People are already searching for ‘stuff’ on the Internet. The best way to draw people to your site for any specific "stuff" is to write about that "stuff" on your website.”

Thanks, Esther. Feel free to contact her for assistance on Keyword Research, her website address noted back at the top.

Joel Kweskin

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