Tuesday, November 27, 2007


If a picture’s worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?

Allan Horowitz is a friend and colleague who runs the video (and film) production company, Blue Planet Creative. http://blueplanetcreative.net/ Allan and I have collaborated on a few projects and I respect his savvy when it comes to this dynamic marketing tool. In fact, I respect it so much, I’m going to let him do the talking…

Welcome to another edition of Not Your Usual Marketing Tips from JDK Marketing Communications Management.

Videos are the “action” way to tell your business’s story. They can appear through all kinds of vehicles: streaming on your website; as an ongoing “loop” on a monitor at a trade show booth; on a screen in a darkened room at a seminar; as a tiny CD/DVD business calling card; as a commercial on TV or in movie theaters.

And, of course depending on the length and production value, a video might not cost much more than its printed cousins, the large, slick brochure or a small catalogue.

“Video is one of the most powerful communication tools available,” says Allan. “This is because video has the power to move people. Through shot composition, lighting, pacing, music and voice, a video presentation can establish an emotional connection with the viewer that no other medium can. It can move people to act. It can inform, educate and inspire. It can spark excitement. Video puts power behind your brand. And having a video to market your business, to communicate with others, to tell your story, shows a high level of commitment that people respect and which gives you built-in credibility.

“Think what a lift it would be for your business to have a video presentation that speaks your language, conveys your information accurately and reflects your organization’s values. It would be a permanent source of pride with ROI to boot!”

So next time you’re thinking of a way to market your business in an expressive, “moving” way…think video.

Joel Kweskin

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