Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rethinking What/How You Sell

I saw a parked truck the other day and did a double take. On the side panel, the big sign was for one of those marble slab ice cream products. Of course, that was “take” number one -- I didn’t know that they transported their product anywhere. The second “take” followed the caption at the bottom of the sign: “We Deliver!”

They do?

I didn’t know that!

Welcome to another edition of Not Your Usual Marketing Tips from JDK Marketing Communications Management.

The fact that an ice cream product usually associated with a forearm-rendered and molded concoction on a cold metal surface at the ice cream product’s place of business is now taking that product off the cold metal surface and somehow transporting it to someone’s home or business is, well, news to me.

Is it news to you, too?

Does it make you rethink that ice cream product…and contemplate using them in that manner sometime in the future?

Recently, I saw friend and networking colleague Justin Lowenberger give a presentation at a business networking group to which we both belong. Justin is an attorney with Ted A. Greve & Associates and -- which primarily specializes in personal injury/accident cases. We all expected him to talk about his role as an attorney. Instead, he talked about un-insured and under-insured motorist coverages and how it pays – quite literally – to have the proper coverage yourself in case you’re ever involved in an accident with another motorist who either has no coverage or not enough coverage.

Here he was, lending his expertise on a subject most people would have thought better served by an insurance agent. But to his credit – and expertise – the subject was actually better served by…himself.

I didn’t know that!

What do you know about any field tangentially connected to your own? Can you write about it, lecture about it, “schmooze” about it? And then connect it, even understatedly, to your primary business? If you can, your perceived value increases to clients, prospects and colleagues and becomes yet another way to market yourself or your business.

(All together now: “I didn’t know that!”)

Joel Kweskin

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